Ride the rails.

See the trains.

This is the NYC Subway Map like you've never seen it before!
BlipRail™ makes it easy to tell when the next scheduled train is arriving by animating all of the trains on the map. BlipRail can be used underground (without an Internet connection) to get you
on your way and keep you moving.

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BlipRail is currently free of charge.

Fast data on your device

Find the information you need quickly without having to wait to download maps or schedule data. Once you download the app, all the data you need is already on your device.

Live, crowd-sourced train delay information

We all know that trains don't always run on their published schedules. BlipRail lets you report when a train is running behind or ahead of schedule (and by how much). By selecting a train, you can see what other people reported so you have a better idea of what to expect.

Easy (and fun) to use

Watching trains on the map can be mesmerizing.

Scroll and pinch-to-zoom

View only the part of the map you want to see by using standard scroll, pinch and zoom gestures with your fingers.

Automatic updates

If you have Android App updates turned on, you will automatically get map and schedule updates from BlipRail when they are available.

For phones or tablets

BlipRail is compatible with both Android phones and Android tablets.